Being an authentic leader means pursuing a sense of purpose with passion, living by strongly held values, leading with both head and heart, and demonstrating self-awareness and self-discipline.  Authentic leadership conveys the simple, but powerful idea that there is no single way to be an effective leader.  It is actually about discovering and being true to your authentic self.

Coaching helps to affirm what qualities you bring to leadership and identify what qualities you’d like to develop.  It also enables you to view your leadership practice as a journey, rather than a destination.

The cornerstones of our coaching approach include…

  • Holding up the mirror to help clients understand which behaviors are contributing to their success and which may be getting in their way.
  • Creating psychological safety with clients to encourage self-disclosure and self-discovery.
  • Helping clients feel heard, leveraging the therapeutic value of talk and showing empathy and support to senior leaders who often experience loneliness in their roles at the top.
  • Balancing support with constructive contention; challenging clients and being courageous in truth-telling.
  • Taking a holistic approach that considers the full complexity of clients’ lives, not just their professional roles.

We help leaders to…

  • Successfully onboard in new roles
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Enhance executive presence
  • Identify and overcome blocks to success
  • Forge a path toward a desired promotion

Each coaching engagement Is…

  • Rooted in principles and theory of adult development and change
  • Informed by 360-degree feedback and/or psychometric assessment
  • Conducted in concert with organizational sponsors, providing transparency on the process, progress and client development plans
  • Contained by the bounds of client confidentiality to safeguard privileged client information

Representative Coaching Engagements

  • Coached the North American CEO of a global brand performance agency to successfully oversee the integration of an important acquisition, while spearheading double-digit growth.
  • Coached the CFO at a global communications agency to build resilience and adaptive self-management skills to enable him to respond constructively and calmly under stressful situations.
  • Coached the North American Head of Capital Markets at an international financial services provider to facilitate his transition and onboarding into a key leadership role at the bank.
  • Coached the Chief Commercial Officer at a global marketing intelligence engine to expand personal influence and inspire trust among senior stakeholders through improved emotional intelligence.
  • Coached the SVP, Strategy at a global ad tech firm whose abrasive management style sparked two challenging employee relations cases.
  • Coached the VP, Product Manager of a programmatic media agency to develop a broader, strategic perspective on his role and focus less on day-to-day operational details that would better be delegated to team members.
  • Coached the VP, Partner of a global media agency, whose business contributions were highly valued but whose team was in continuous turn-over. The engagement focused on strengthening self-awareness and learning to develop a more motivating, empowering and empathetic leadership style.